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The following are excerpts from write ups on Susie:

"Pure talent and honest emotion!  Susie Summers is one of the most gifted songwriters and performers that Charleston, South Carolina has ever produced. These are very strong words but are unchallenged by those who are familiar with the writings and performances of Susie Summers. At festivals, events, clubs and  coffeehouses around Charleston, locals and tourists alike have been stopped in their tracks at the power and raw emotion of her performances. Most of them were bowled over by a Melissa Etheridge or Janis Joplin tune or the expressiveness of  one her wonderful originals. But because Susie was never an outstanding promoter of her own songs, the crowds that gather to hear her today are only now beginning to see and hear the depth of her talents.

From her first nervous shows at the former "Soft Rock CafĂ©" to what is now a growing number of venues in three states, audiences are returning again and again. What they find in Susie's performances is what seems to be missing on the radio and in many live shows today . . . Pure talent and honest unassuming emotion.  This is Susie Summers.

Susie often performs as a duo act with the addition of her husband, Al Pugliese, a talented multi instrumentalist and vocalist.


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